Scoping and Budget Planning Google Sheets Template

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A scoping and budget planning tool that does most of the work for you. This Google Sheet template streamlines and automates the process of developing cost estimates when bidding on a project. It can serve both as a planning tool as well as a deliverable for a client.


  • Create tasks with associated billing rates and markup percentages
  • Breakout tasks into sub-tasks for more accurate estimates
  • Breakout sub-tasks into mini-tasks for even more granular and accurate estimates
  • Automatically rolls up task and sub-task estimates to produce final estimates based on your provided billing rates and markup percentages

This template is equally geared towards freelancers or consulting teams and grew out of my own experience in the consulting sector.


After purchasing, you will be redirected to the Google Sheets Template. At this point you can either make a copy of the template and use it in Google Sheets or download the file for use in Excel

Using as a Google Sheets Template

Make sure you are logged in to your Google Account and then select the File menu and Make a Copy. Give your spreadsheet a name and choose where you want it to be saved. That's it!

Using as a Microsoft Excel Template

Select the File menu and then select Download and then Microsoft Excel (.xlsx). Easy as that!


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You'll get a powerful and intuitive Google Sheet/Excel Template that can easily be used on all future projects.

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February 2021
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Scoping and Budget Planning Google Sheets Template

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